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If you're thinking of becoming an amateur radio operator, congratulations! Ham radio, as it's affectionately known, is an awesome hobby that's a lot of fun and a great learning experience. In what other hobby can you talk to astronauts , people all over the earth, send pictures anywhere, videoconference at the full TV framerate (without needing the internet), bounce signals off the moon, build your own transmitters, run wireless ethernet at power levels and with antenna designs not legal for non-licenced operators, and design and run your own radio controlled models ? What other set of hobbyists has their own set of satellites and their own class A IP subnet (44.x.x.x)?
If you want to actually understand what goes on in the technology around you, this is the hobby for you. If you want to have conversations with people around the globe, this is the hobby for you. If you want projects, if you want possibilities, if you want to invent the next piece of technology that connects our world, this is where you'll learn it.